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1 12, 2022

Your Step by Step Guide to Interviews from AdmissionsMom (with loads of potential interview questions and tips about nonverbal communication)– Hint: It’s easier than you think! (2022 Updates)

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If you might be kind of freaking out about interviews, you’re not alone. A few weeks ago, a student confessed that they really didn’t want to go to their first college interview. Despite their parents eagerly hyping them up, the poster ...

10 12, 2020

Your Step by Step Guide to Online Interviews from AdmissionsMom — Hint: It’s easier than you think — even during a pandemic!

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You’re not alone. College interviews seem scary, for real. It’s easy to become anxious and stressed about college interviews, but you’ve made it this far, having surmounted obstacles like grades, extracurriculars, writing your essays, and putting together your application. Having a ...

25 09, 2019

Seniors! Need a College Admissions Checklist for Your Fall Semester?

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Does anyone else feel like September is flying by? It seemed like only yesterday that we were in the dead of summer, and the fall months were so far away. Now, over on r/ApplyingToCollege, the subreddit where I act as moderator, ...

5 11, 2018

7 Tips for an Awesome College Interview

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College admissions interviews can be a stressful challenge for some, especially if you are a bit introverted, shy, or uncomfortable opening up to strangers. Luckily, AdmissionsMom is here to help you prepare for your college admissions interview. I talk to lots ...