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1 11, 2023

Hello Early Birds! The first major early app finish line has passed for 2023, and I know you’re all ready for a break and a deep breath! What’s next? Some basic advice and suggestions.

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Hello Early Bird Applicants! It’s Celebration Time! The first major early app finish line has passed, and I know you’re all ready for a break and a deep breath. So…. You did it!  You successfully completed and submitted your first round ...

25 10, 2023

Are you California dreaming? Here’s what you need to know about those UC PIQs (2023 Updates)

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Some general tips about the UC application: When creating your UC account, you should choose one email address and stick with it throughout the entire application cycle. School email addresses aren’t recommended due to how they tend to shut down after ...

11 10, 2023

College Admissions is getting real real now. Here’s your 2023 Mid-October Checklist and Reminders

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Happy Mid-October Seniors (and your parents and caretakers if you’re reading!), This is just to check in with a checklist to make sure you're keeping up. ______1. Standardized Test Scores: If you’re sending your test scores, be sure to check on ...

17 08, 2023

13 Reasons Why It’s OK to Write About Trauma in your College Applications — And How to Do So (a joint post by AdmissionsMom and Sierra Admissions) (2023 Updates)

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Hi everyone. This post is written by me, AdmissionsMom and Alex McNeil from Sierra Admissions, TOGETHER. It’s a subject we both care about. We (your dynamic college-consultant duo) took up pens together to write what we believe is the first collaborative ...

8 02, 2023

👋 Hey Juniors (& sophomores & even freshmen!), This post is for you! Ever feel like you’re stuck on the Extracurricular Hamster Wheel? Well, here’s your guide for stepping off & finding your star-shaped self! 

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❓“How good are my extracurriculars?” It's one of the most common questions we get here on A2C. Then I receive tons more about how many extracurriculars are necessary and whether a kid’s chances will be hurt because they haven’t performed at ...

11 01, 2023

Hey Seniors, if you’re not happy with your college list, it’s not too late! Check out these amazing colleges with Feb 1 deadlines or later! Bonus: Links to Interview, Essays, and LOCI Posts

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Before I get started with all the amazing colleges still looking for students like you, I'm gonna link some posts you might find helpful at this stage of the admissions journey: My latest post about handling decisions, deferrals, LOCIs, and more ...

22 12, 2022

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Super Quick, Super Personal Applications and Essays. Yes, even all you last-minute beautiful humans out there have an awesome app just itching to make its way out!

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🤓 If you’re a procrastinator like me, you might have put off starting your applications until now. Not to worry -- it’s not too late! But, it's definitely time to get this party started – like right now. (If you only ...