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1 02, 2023

Here’s What You Really Need to Know about Being Rescinded (2023 Updates)

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If you’re reading this, you know the entire college admissions process is riddled with potential pitfalls and scary challenges. Letters of recommendation. Essays. Interviews. All of these hurdles inspire tons of anxiety among college-bound students. But none seem so intimidating, so ...

6 01, 2023

So you were Deferred. What to do now? It’s time to think about that Letter of Continued Interest (your LOCI). Yippeeee! You get to write even more!!! (2023 Updates)

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Every year lots and lots of applicants are deferred from some of their favorite colleges. It sucks when life doesn’t go your way for sure, but maybe it helps to know that you’re not alone? Now, what do you do with ...

13 10, 2021

College Admissions is getting real real now. Here’s your Mid-October Checklist and Reminders.

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Happy October Seniors (and your parents if you’re reading!), This is just to check in with a checklist to make sure you're keeping up.     ______1.  Standardized Test Scores: If you’re sending your test scores, be sure to check on the ...

17 04, 2020

You Can Handle College Admissions and COVID-19 Stress

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The world is asking a lot of you now.  On top of college admissions, you’ve been thrust into Social Distancing, which is something unprecedented. You’ve never done this before. Your parents haven’t experienced anything like this. Odds are even your grandparents ...

28 02, 2020

In Search of Good Vibes – Informative (and Fun!) College Visits

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One of my favorite parts about the whole college admissions experience (especially since there are so many stressful aspects) are college visits! Even though I’ve been out of college for…a while now…I still love visiting colleges, all of them different and ...

10 10, 2019

Only You Can Do You: Writing Your Most Authentic Personal Essay

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Last October, JM Farkas, a college essay consultant, wrote a piece for the New York Times titled, “How I Know You Wrote Your Kid’s College Essay.” Farkas broke down exactly how well-meaning parents sometimes sabotage their children’s college success by taking ...