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Born on Reddit as u/admissionsmom on the subreddit ApplyingToCollege, I have guided thousands of stressed high school students—from every corner of the globe—through the college admissions process. My mission? To demystify, debunk, and most importantly, de-stress your college admissions journey. Let’s find the best colleges for YOU.

Peace of mind in the admissions journey

Choosing a college is a big decision—perhaps the biggest decision you’ve ever made. But it doesn’t need to be a painful one.

If you’re wondering, “Why is college admissions so stressful and competitive?” you’re not alone. I wondered that myself. And that’s why I started helping students like you navigate the college admissions process with an unconventional approach.

You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed and confused. You shouldn’t feel pressure to hit targets, chase prestige, or find a “dream” school. The college admissions process should be filled with excitement while you find your direction in life. I’m here to reduce the anxiety and frustration from your admissions journey.

There are thousands of excellent colleges out there looking for students like you. When you incorporate self-discovery and awareness into your admissions journey, you’ll realize how capable and full of potential you truly are. You can focus your attention away from rankings and toward enjoying the college admissions experience.

Together we can find the right colleges for you. I’ll help you write college application essays that sound like you and showcase how unique you are. I’ll teach you to use mindfulness to tune out the outside pressures of the college admissions process.

Are you ready for a little peace of mind? Looking for mindful guidance as you enter the college admissions process?

Join me on Reddit (u/admissionsmom), Instagram, Twitter, or shoot me a message. I’m here to answer all your college application questions.

Expert college admissions resources for you

Want a recap of all the advice and experience shared on the subreddit, r/ApplyingToCollege? In Hey AdmissionsMom: Real Talk from Reddit, I’ve combined my knowledge with the perspectives of 70 of the 160,000+ students who’ve just gone through the college admissions process themselves.

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Vizit College Vizzy

Feeling a bit lost about college visits? Not sure what to do, what to ask, where to focus? And after a few visits, all the colleges blur together. I get it! College visits are overwhelming. That’s why I created the College Vizzy Project—to guide you mindfully through a college visit and intentionally focus your attention. Plus, all your photos, thoughts, and ideas get stored in a single place. Problem solved!

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