2 12, 2021

Happy Weekend Beautiful Seniors, if you applied early, it’s time for some Emotional Planning. Spoiler Alert: You’re gonna be OK

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Happy Weekend Seniors, If you applied early, it's time for some Emotional Planning. I know it feels like it's time to stress out over details and obsess over what you should be doing -- because it's hard to let go, but ...

5 09, 2021

13 Reasons Why It’s OK to Write About Trauma in your College Applications — And How to Do So (a joint post by AdmissionsMom and McNeilAdmissions)

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Hi everyone. This post is written by me, AdmissionsMom and McNeilAdmissions, TOGETHER. It’s a subject we both care about. We (your dynamic college-consultant duo) took up pens together to write what we believe is the first collaborative advice post in the ...

25 05, 2021

If You’re Feeling Stressed about College Admissions, This Post is For You — My Thoughts about Mindfulness, Mental Health, and College Admissions for Mental Health Awareness Month

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I’m gonna be super real with you -- Applying to college is fricking stressful -- and often overwhelming. And it's totally ok and normal to be stressed out. Still, no doubt, there are going to be times when you’re going to ...

9 12, 2020

Seniors, if You Applied Early this fall, it’s Time for Some Emotional Planning. Spoiler: You’re gonna be OK.

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Hold on to your hearts: This waiting can be godawful, super stressful, I know. But the cool thing is that if your ED/EA school doesn’t work out, you’re still gonna have lots of great options. I promise. (spoiler alert: even if ...