I know for many of you, this is it. This is THE week you’ve been waiting for. You might’ve even been waiting for this day — not since December 31 or last fall sometime when you hit submit on your apps, but for years. Still, as I think most of you recognize, some (most) of you are going to be extremely disappointed today, and others (a few) will be over the moon excited. So, I want to tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you. In the last year or so that I’ve been nagging at you to remember to breathe, keep life in perspective, and open your minds about colleges and your activities, I’ve seen growth. You all are incredible kids. Please remember that today. And tomorrow. And next week. And next year.

Focus on Gratitude — for just a moment

Do me a favor. Let’s take the focus off college decisions for just a few minutes. I want each one of you to write to me right now, and for the next few days, or the next week or hell, forever, and tell me three things in your life you’re grateful for. You can respond here or pm me if you’d rather. You come from around the world with so many different circumstances, and I know many of you have struggled with parts of your lives — and because of the difficulties of the last couple of years, more of us than ever are struggling just to get through these days. I’ve heard your stories, read your essays, and even cried for some of you, but today I want to focus on the good stuff. So tell me three things you are thankful for. Big or small.

(Please feel free to respond even if you’re not a senior!)

I’ll go first. In the last few years, I’ve written about being grateful for this subreddit, my love of the blues and music, travel, my crazy amazing kids, and my wonderful mom who supported me in life and decisions even when she disagreed.

Today I’m grateful for:

  1. My work. I love stories. I’ve been an avid reader for my entire life, and I’ve always loved stories. Reading your stories and my students’ stories gives me a way to do what I love for work, and it couldn’t be a more inspiring, fulfilling way to spend my time. I’ve always loved teaching, but working with applicants as they bring their stories to life takes my teaching to another level.
  2. Beaches. I just came back from a few days at the beach and I am refreshed and energized. For me, there’s just something about looking out on infinity and also hearing the waves that calms me. I’m able to stop doomscrolling and focus on the beauty of the natural world.

  3. Trans Rights Activists, Allies, and Advocates. I’m sad and frustrated about the state of our country and the anti-trans legislation (among lots of other bad legislation). But I’m also grateful for the amazing people who are organizing and putting themselves out there to fight back for trans rights and for families like mine who are being torn apart by this hate-filled legislation. 

So now, it’s your turn, and I can’t wait to hear from you. As you’re thinking about what you’re grateful for today, you may find it difficult, and that’s ok. But remember, it can be big or small. I’ve had kids write about chocolate and air conditioning – this isn’t a gratitude competition or the thankful Olympics. An added benefit for you (and everyone) is that research shows that people who take the time to note their gratitude daily are generally happier and more content.

Regardless, remember that no matter the outcomes today or yesterday or tomorrow — whether in your favor or not, you’re more than your college acceptances. They don’t define you. There are just too many amazing beautiful yous out there to fit into this teeny tiny teacup of schools you’ll be hearing back from today, so keep up with that emotional planning during the day. While it’s ok to hope for the best, be prepared for the worst. Hold on to your hearts, and get ready with the ice cream!

tl;dr: Let me know what you’re thankful for in your life! 💙😊

XOXO AdmissionsMom