It sounds like the Admissions Stress Monster has its claws in you. Mindfully dealing with your stress during the rest of the college admissions process is key.

  • Be involved and present—with your health (mental and physical), with your family, with your friends, with your schoolwork, and with your extracurriculars.
  • Practice gratitude. Make a daily list of things you’re thankful for. In the midst of all your stress, what is good? Are you grateful for ice cream? For your inspiring teacher? For your dad’s silly jokes?  Focusing on positive things reduces your anxiety and stress.
  • Lean into your fear, frustration, and stress. It’s normal to be stressed. Don’t try to run away or suppress it—face it and embrace it. Sometimes fear is a sign you’re doing the right thing! Remember, the college admission journey is more important than the outcome. I know that drives some of you up-the-wall, bat-shit crazy, but it’s true. You’ll learn more about yourself from your perceived “failures” than you will from getting accepted to a certain school.
  • Meditate. Take three minutes a day to focus on your breathing and just embrace the stillness. Be mindful of what’s happening to you. Is your mind wandering? Cool! That means you’ve been successful in your mindful practice—you noticed your mind had wandered away from your breathing. No biggie. Just come back to your breath. This is such a simple practice—you don’t have to clear your brain or relax. There are no rules. Just focus on your breathing. It’s that simple.