28 06, 2021

AdmissionsMom’s Summer Book Club! Admissions Guides, Juicy Fiction, and More!

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Confession: I’ve been a lifelong reader and have a kind of, sort of book addiction. I started reading books about parenting when my oldest was in utero and started reading books about college admissions when he was a freshman in high ...

1 07, 2020

More Than 300 College Admissions Deans Respond to Covid 19: My Thoughts

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Good News! On Monday, 300+ Admissions Deans responded to Covid 19 and released a statement, "What We Care about in this Time of Crisis: A Collective Statement from College Admission Deans," explaining what they care about during this global pandemic. I summarize ...

17 11, 2018

It’s All about the E Word: Extracurriculars

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If you’re at any stage of the college admissions process, then you already know the word “extracurriculars” is important. Colleges want you to not just be a great student and an amazing test taker, but also someone who spends their free ...