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Are you stressed out and tested out? Are college admissions making you feel discombobulated and like you’re living life backwards? AdmissionsMom’s Reddit Book will help you turn it around.


Turn your admissions experience around with Hey AdmissionsMom: Real Talk from Reddit, an unconventional, no-nonsense book about college admissions. AdmissionsMom is on a personal quest to reframe college admissions, bringing a more mindful experience through her Reddit book project. In August 2016, AdmissionsMom set out on a journey to understand Reddit and a subreddit called u/ApplyingToCollege. She discovered a new culture, but ended up learning far more about college admissions and the amazing Gen Z than she ever expected.

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When I first found r/ApplyingToCollege way back in the summer of 2016, I didn’t know what to expect. I had zero idea how involved I’d become, or how much I’d grow to love the conversations. So I spent my first couple of months lurking, just trying to understand Reddit and figuring out how to fit into the A2C community. When I realized I could offer some simple advice, I began responding to questions as u/admissionsmom.

The dedication of the students and adults on A2C inspires me everyday. They guide each other through the admissions journey that can turn into—you guessed it—the Admissions Stress Monster. So I began to realize that parents, other students, and even colleges needed to hear these amazing perspectives. I want others to understand what makes our students stressed, their opinions, and their amazing advice to each other about schools, essays, applications, extracurriculars, interviews, and how staying mindful throughout the entire experience.

The Reddit Book Project

So, I decided to create a book to help students beyond those who find our amazing subreddit. But, I didn’t want this to be a book filled with just my thoughts and words. I wanted to develop it around the the ideas and words from members of our subreddit, and especially from those in the trenches–our students! The posts and comments by these teens on A2C not only impress me, they humble me. And I think that others should know what this special generation is thinking and feeling about college admissions. Their variety of perspectives and experiences can benefit all students. And, readers  can see that their own concerns, frustrations, and hopes are not at all uncommon.

On Reddit, I’ve talked to thousands of applicants, given advice, and tried to help countless students—crazy, right? And just like the r/ApplyingToCollege community can’t exist without their voices, neither could the perspectives in my book. So, I’m really excited about sharing this book with you and I hope that you can learn as much from the users of r/ApplyingToCollege and their wisdom and advice as I have.
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Learn more about college admissions from not only my perspective, but also from the thoughts, ideas, and advice from those who’ve recently been through it all in my new book.  Hey AdmissionsMom: Real Talk from Reddit, an unconventional, no-nonsense look at college admissions might just change the way you think about college admissions. And, maybe it will even help you reframe your thinking about the experience. So you can understand that as stressful as it can be, it’s also an amazing opportunity to learn more about yourself than ever before.

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