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December 10, 2020 • by AdmissionsMom

Now that you’re really in the throes of making those college lists, you have so many questions and chance-mes and reverse chance-mes, but some (many) of you really have no idea what you want other than a “top” school” or a “t-something,” so I have a task for you — if you are up for the challenge 🤓.

Think about your fit. What are you looking for? When you imagine yourself on a campus, who are you and what do you see? Consider these aspects of a college campus and life: School size, Large lecture classes or small discussion classes, Geographic area, Weather, Cultural, Social dynamics and Vibes: Intellectual, Academic, Sporty, Quirky, Serious


The AdmissionsMom Create-a-College Challenge!

As many of you know, I don’t believe in dream colleges because I know that it’s really the Dream You (not the Dream U) you are imagining on that campus, so think about Dream You and what you see yourself doing and how you see yourself interacting on your college campus.

You can either draw this out and send a pic or write it out in essay format, diary format, bullet points, or claymation it. Whatever.

Get creative. Make the perfect college in your mind and share it with us. When you imagine your life for those four years, what do you see? What are you doing on a Saturday afternoon or a Wednesday night? Who are you surrounded by? What does the setting look like? What are you involved in and who are you involved with?

Map it. Draw it. Write it. Film it. But don’t rank it!

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