College Decisions

7 04, 2022

Hey Seniors, You’re almost there! Post-Decisions MegaPost: Acceptances, Making a Decision, Virtual Visits, Imposter Syndrome, Colleges Still Accepting Apps, Negotiating Financial Aid, List of Colleges Still Accepting Apps, and Some Other Stuff.

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Happy Thursday Seniors! This post is really long because there’s so much information to share with you. Scroll through to find what you’re looking for.  I keep seeing tons and tons -- and tons -- of posts with this school or ...

3 04, 2022

Hey Seniors, if your decisions disappointed, then it can really hurt. Like nothing you’ve felt before. Here’s how to get through it (or try to).

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When decisions don’t go your way it can feel really awful -- like the worst pain you’ve ever experienced. As one of the members of our community so eloquently and appropriately put it: “Not getting into the school you want fucking ...

2 12, 2021

Happy Weekend Beautiful Seniors, if you applied early, it’s time for some Emotional Planning. Spoiler Alert: You’re gonna be OK

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Happy Weekend Seniors, If you applied early, it's time for some Emotional Planning. I know it feels like it's time to stress out over details and obsess over what you should be doing -- because it's hard to let go, but ...