FAQs and TOP TIPS about What To Do About Waitlists. It’s a bummer for sure, but Fun Times!! You get to write the WL-LOCI (Waitlist Love Letter of Continued Interest).

IMPORTANT PSA ABOUT YOUR PHONE If you accept or have accepted waitlist positions, be sure that your phone is charged and working and that you can accept voicemails. And be sure that the number they have is one you will be ...

Happy Friday! Making Your Course Selections Count (Plus Tips for Picking Courses, Staying Sane, Making Grades, Learning A Lot, and Getting Accepted)

Few things are as frustrating or painstaking (but also exciting!) as selecting your courses during high school. There’s all this pressure to take the most honors, APs, or IB courses possible — like there’s some magical combination of classes that will ...

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The Cure for Senioritis – and Other Admissions Stress (I wish it were this easy) – AND some basic Second Semester Senior Housekeeping Tips

If you’re feeling a little bit of senioritis, please know the struggle is real. And if you’re feeling even more worried about your college applications now than you were before you submitted them, you are not alone! Letting go of control is no easy task.

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So you were Deferred. What to do now? It’s time to think about that Letter of Continued Interest (your LOCI). Yippeeee! You get to write even more!!!

Wow, when I say a ton of kids were deferred this year, I mean A. Ton. Of. Kids. Were. Deferred. This. Year. So, maybe it helps to know that you’re not alone? Now, what do you do with that deferral? For ...