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Welcome to My Book Shop!  

Here you can find my favorite college admissions guides. You’ll also find some other great books about writing essays and bringing mindfulness into your life.

Why a Book Shop with my Favorite Admissions Guides?

As a voracious book reader and college admissions junkie, I’m excited to share some of my favorite books to help with your admissions journey.  I hope you’ll find these books useful as you experience the adventures of college admissions and beyond.  If you could see my bookshelves, you’d see them filled with books about college admissions dating back from the 1960s. I’ve learned from all of them. Even the admissions guides that come from creating a place of fear have taught me valuable lessons. I’ve picked my tippy-top faves to share with you.

About My Book — Hey AdmissionsMom: Real Talk from Reddit

In 2016, when I first began my “official” admissions consulting business, my youngest (Tufts ’18) encouraged me to check out Reddit. Even though I was clueless about Reddit, I took a leap. I was looking for ways to give back and to learn. Here, I found an awesome community of about 8000 stressed-out, but super-smart, driven students. I lurked for a few months, and then the stories of anxiety and stress began to stick with me. I realized I could help with some suggestions for managing stress as I’d just been through a fairly stressful time in my life. My stress stemmed from change, too. I’d recently retired from my job as a community college writing instructor and become an empty nester. And then my mom, whom I’d always been close to and had been caring for during a long illness, died. It was a big shift, leading me on a journey to learn more about mindfulness, meditation, and stoicism. These philosophies blended well with my lifelong philosophies of “become who you are,” “to thine own self be true,” “none but ourselves can free our minds,” and “know thyself.”

You can read more about how my mom inspired me here. 

Why an Admissions Guide about a Reddit Community?

As I wrote back and forth in the early days before the A2C population explosion, I realized I wanted the world to hear their voices. I wanted others to know how they were handling this admissions journey. I wanted parents and college admissions folks to see the stress and anxiety, how amazing the community is, and how fantastic they are at sharing advice with each other.  Often (but not always), they give really good advice, so I decided to write a book. In it, I tried to cover the entire admissions experience — not just from my perspective (although that’s in there: :)), but from their perspective. Around 70 of our  A2C fam agreed to share their words. They are mostly high school (now college) students. But we also have wisdom from some of our all-star adults who still hang out on A2c helping. To all of them, I’m so grateful!