A-Mom’s Mom Club

I was lucky enough to have an amazing role model and mom. A college dropout who didn’t return to college until her forties, she was always a hard-working, kind, caring, intelligent person, who never failed to stop to bring food to the homeless or push education for the undereducated. After receiving her master’s degree in early childhood education in her late forties, she created and instituted the Early Childhood Program at her local college and was a huge supporter of engaging students in college life who otherwise wouldn’t have been engaged.

When she died a few years ago after a long illness, I was devastated. A wise friend encouraged me to find a way to live my life in ways that would honor her. This advice led me to my adventures on the subreddit, r/ApplyingToCollege, where I found a place that I could follow her example of engaging students in the college process who might not otherwise be engaged. It was also a place where I could help others find their way through the intricacies of the journey with perhaps just a little bit less stress. Of course, I’m putting my spin on it with mindfulness and my own naturally more open-minded philosophies of life, but my time on Reddit definitely has her roots.

In fall of 2016, during my first few months on the subreddit, I was frustrated by how many of our kids simply couldn’t afford to pay for application fees or to send their test scores, among various other expenses with applications. I have to give the College Board, ACT, and many of the colleges themselves a lot of credit for making great efforts to mitigate these issues of costs over the last year, but the fact remains that many high school seniors looking to go to college are still limited by the cost of applications.

So in my mom’s memory—and also in honor of countless fellow Redditors who’ve inspired me in so many ways—I’ve decided to create the A-Mom’s Mom Club, collecting from the sales of my book to help our very own r/ApplyingToCollege applicants with the financial burdens and fees of the process, like submitting test scores and application fees. So, by buying the book, you’ll be helping out applicants, from literally every corner of the world, reach their goals and discover their future lives.

AdmissionsMom and her mom at The University of Texas at Austin, junior year

A-Mom’s mom at work

Baby AdmissionsMom and Mom, Hawaii